Our Business

 The application of Intelligence to Industry based upon Integrity



NANOFAN Industrial Coatings was founded in 2007 as one of the leading manufacturer of Paint Insulation in the Middle East, funds in research with leading laboratories and elite scientists in the fields of chemicals, polymers, coatings and Nano science. Young, educated and innovative people from various sciences and engineering fields are accompanying us in this approach.


We are business people who support science and scientists. We admire the men and women who studied at universities and laboratories to learn to create new and innovative technologies that make our lives better. We are fortunate to join some of the best and the brightest in nanoscience technology research through funding and active participation. This is where we wear our lab coats.


We are business people who know and respect industry and the men and women who build and operate manufacturing facilities. We have the opportunity to spend time in magnificent new plants and the grand old icons of industry, learning about the needs of engineers, managers, and the people on the factory floor. This is where we wear our hard hats.


...and most of all, we are hardworking. We never forget that without you, the customer, we would not have the opportunity to do any of this. We are committed to continuing to work harder than anyone else to develop great products, offer them to you at a fair price, and provide the customer support that reflects our commitment to excellence and our commitment to you.


Our activities span from exploration and production of Nano Energy Saving, water-proofing and protective coatings, accurately follows up the developing step of the industry, persists in the developing of specialization, Nano technology, and standardization.




- Developing culture of using Nano materials in society by manufacturing high quality products that are included universal standards.

- Creation of job opportunities and also admission via entrance to this modern technology.

- Ours attractive environment preservation by Nanotechnology products.

- Great reducing in maintenance/repairing cost and preservation of our national sources.

- Having progress in our attainments to get to the global markets and wealth genesis via nanotechnology.



Nanofan is the pioneer of Nano coatings in the Middle East. Our aim is to preserve national assets. We intend to expand the usage of nanotechnology is various fields of industries.

We believe nanotechnology is one of the most exciting developments to come along in recent years.



We are going to solve our county's immense problems by nanotechnology in various industries, such as reducing the cost of energy consumption and Help Earn Carbon Credits.

We are developing technologies and products which are some of the world’s most advanced and simple to use energy saving technologies available. Our products are designed to be environmentally safe and easily to apply by a simple coating with a thin layer of material which paint has overturned the underlying interpretation of insulation.

We believed the company should pursue "The application of Intelligence to Industry based upon Integrity".

The three key words of the above statement, Intelligence, Industry, and Integrity, are the three core values of our organization. These values are also known today as Leadership, Innovation and Performance, as stated in our Internal Vision. This philosophy continues to serve as the guiding principle behind Company policy.


Marketing strategies:

At first, we should mention that our thought about marketing is a dynamic thought which comes from consulting with our customers, colleagues and commercial partners. According to this thought, we are focusing on discovering and presenting services in the purpose of long time relation and reciprocal with our customers and suppliers.

Through all, there are three main themes that are more significant thus we are going to keep them in our strategies:

1- Customers.

2- Rotate activities and creating preferences of contest marketing.

3- Out sourcing, activities than others can do better.

In our view, getting to the top is depended on establishing drastic relation with customers, renders and our international commercial partners in modern markets. In this context, imitation from greatest global model is the main part of our strategies. We are focusing on customer requirement and present professional products to our customers. In this modern Energy saving coatings market, the best way is gathering whole customer information frequently then we will be able to perform our plan without any great asset needed in target marketing. By this method, our profit will be based on lengthy value customer.

We employ accurate electrical technology and systematic information due to this information causes freedom and stimulus to achieve devotion of optimum sources. We frequently organize suppliers and customers through internet. Technological information provide an obvious & actual image of customer demands Therefore we can be able to afford market and present our services according to customer demands in real time.

We believe that our experts are the most valuable assent in NANOFAN CO. We are trying to grow up their knowledge and also their welfare by accurate didactic programming.

All of our members are educated in various fields including chemistry, chemical engineering, industries engineering, processor engineering, marketing & management. In addition, our counsellors are professors and scientists in various sciences such as chemistry and engineering and have been gained valuable experiences in oil industry, research& innovation sciences and commercial ministry. All of them are congregating to assist us in this approach.


Devotion of asset sources:

- Professional and innovative members that are most valuable asset in Nanofan Company.

- Governmental supports via bank loan and other services.

- Our shareholders.

- Avocation of other financial resources in the future steps of Nanofan activities.