Nano coatings - Overview of Personnel Safety Technologies - Research and Markets

Nano coatings - Overview of Personnel Safety Technologies - Research and Markets

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Nano coatings - Nanotech TOE" report to their offering.

Research is being carried out worldwide on personal protective equipment, smart fabrics, flexible electronics, emergency communication solutions, fire safety equipment, smart helmets, hands-free displays, eye protectors, ear protectors, gas masks, safety harnesses, protective gloves, multi-gas detectors, and flame retardant materials.

Just as infrared imaging technology, motion sensing algorithms, biometrics, drones, facial recognition, AR, and wireless surveillance camera systems are important research topics in homeland security, personal protective equipment, advanced breathing apparatus for fire fighters, personal protection app-ware, global positioning system-based devices for personal safety, wearable emergency communication solutions, and next-generation high-visibility personal protective equipment are also significant.

Key Technologies: Cloud computing, augmented reality, wireless communication, navigational sensors, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, gas sensing, environment monitoring, and personnel health monitoring.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Homeland Security TechVision Opportunity Engine - Personnel Safety Technologies

2. Contents

Overview of Personnel Safety Technologies

Convergence of PPE Helmet with Augmented Reality

Advanced Breathing Apparatus for Fire Fighters

AVA operates efficiently even when the phone is low on charge or has limited network access.

SafeMate is a comprehensive and mobile independent personal safety device.

The Amulyte can remotely ensure the safety of infants and elders.

The Rechargeable battery in Fhoss enables more than 12 hours of usage.

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