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Nanofan Launches NANOISOLA Perfume, White and Clear Liquid Perfume and UV Protection Coating


Nanofan Industrial Coatings LLC, a pioneer of the leading manufacturer of nanotechnology based paint and coatings in the Middle East, announced today that the Company has launched a new product, NANOISOLA Perfume, a water-borne latex-based smooth semi-gloss coat for Insulating and Perfume coating can be used in Homes, Public units, Schools, Hospitals, Mosques and offices.

This nanotechnology based coating provides a powerful combination of benefits which include eight different scentsation, non-yellowing UV resistance, thermal insulation for energy savings, resistance to moisture, breathability, and resistance to mold and algae growth.

Ali Bigdeli, CEO of Nanofan Industrial Coatings LLC. stated, “Our team co-operate with the product developing experts work to make new and improved products faster and more accurate. During testing of new product performance, the use of analytical techniques improves our ability to select the right technology and to differ between good and excellent products.

The overwhelmingly positive response we have received from our technical team, and the consumer, gave us the idea for a product for perfume and   smell is the most notable of the senses.”

Mr. Bigdeli continued, "The product line of NANOISOLA acrylic coating systems employ a microsized particle with a nano-scale internal architecture which affects the surface chemistry and allows NANOISOLA to have properties that are unique for a coating. Not only does NANOISOLA have the ability to severely limit the way in which thermal energy, or heat, travels through the material - meaning it is not reliant on thickness for its insulating ability, once fully cured, it is also highly moisture resistant, giving the coatings their mold and corrosion resistant capabilities."

A benefit of the NANOISOLA Perfume coatings is the increase to the thermal envelope of a building without reducing square meters. Additional benefits are mold and moisture resistant, In order to remove odors and add lasting freshness to the air.