The use of NANOISOLA Industrial Paint Insulation in a major Petrochemical company




A large petrochemical facility needed to stop vaporization of volatile gas by insulating tanks efficiently.

The chemical plant is located in the Middle East where humidity between %75 to %90 makes traditional insulation materials impractical to use due to their fast absorption of moisture.


Two layer application of NANOISOLA was sprayed to the large storage tanks.

NANOISOLA insulation technology was chosen for the project for the following reasons:

- An insulating material with extremely low thermal conductivity was desired, for maximum energy savings.
- An insulating material with strong resistance to radiant heat from the sun was desired.
- They needed an insulation that would maintain its insulating properties in the high humidity environment.
- They needed corrosion resistance, and an insulation that would not cause CUI (corrosion under insulation).

During the warmest months, the ambient temperature gets as high as 55°C (131F). When volatile gases reach temperatures in excess of 33°C (91F), it begins to evaporate.

NANOISOLA Paint Insulation eliminated the loss of product due to evaporation.