BIG SHOW 2014 Exhibition


Nanofan Industrial Coatings participated in the BIG SHOW 2014 Exhibition held in Oman International Exhibition Center. The exhibition was a great opportunity for our company to introduce Nanoisola products and its applications to a large number of audiences from various countries in the Middle East. During the exhibition, many people in addition to all key guests visited our area. Representatives answered questions from visitors as well as interacting with guests and attending some workshops to make the applications of the product more tangible that were discussed as part of the event.

About Nanoisola


NANOISOLA coatings are a grand breaking product by NanoFan Industrial Group that utilizes a nanocomposite with an extremely low thermal conductivity and hydrophobic nature.


NANOISOLA is a hydrophobic, environmentally-safe and liquid form of insulation that can be PAINTED on most surfaces with a thickness of less than a millimeter for greater thermal resistance over traditional insulation.


NANOISOLA technologies and products are some of the world’s most advanced and simple to use energy saving technologies available. All NanoIsola products are designed to be environmentally safe and easy to apply by simply coating the substrate with a thin layer of material which paint has overturned the underlying interpretation of insulation.